How to Order

For ordering all that you need to do is, register yourself with, For that you have to create an account with for that you will have to fill up a form requiring your personal information like your name, contact information including email address, demographic information such as postcode, preferences and interests etc.

After creating your account you will be enabled to place an order with us. Log in to your account, visit the categories of your need, click the item you want to purchase, choose the option foe weight like 500gm or 1kg etc and then write the number of quantity you want to purchase like 1 or 2 and then click on ADD TO CART and likewise start filling your cart with the products you need to purchase. After adding items to your cart click on check out. Then give your Billing address and Shipping address, and click continue and review your order. Click on Place Order, thus your order will be placed and you will get message like your order has been successfully placed. The bill of total amount of items you have purchased will be mailed to you on your email id.

For any query you can contact our customer care executive on XXXXXX.

Customer Support

With quality, value, and convenience mixed right into our foundation, we try to provide our valued customer the best possible shopping experience.

Irrespective of the time of the day, you can reach our round-the-clock customer care team for all your payment and order related doubts, queries and assistance. Our friendly customer care executives are always glad to help.

The services brought to you by are totally customer friendly with the singular aim of making the shopping experience an enjoyable, stress-free and rewarding one all at the same time. Come and re-discover the delight of shopping. All that you need to do is, register yourself with and start filling your cart with the products you need to live life to its fullest.

We assure you about prompt execution of your order 

Cancellation of Order

If you wish to cancel you order with website, you can cancel it within 24 hours of placing that order. You will have to get in touch with our customer support executive by calling on our customer care number or sending an email to and giving the reference of your order number.

In case of Cancellation, the refund will be the total order value, means no loss to you even in case of canceling the order.


  • How do I add items to my order?

You can add any number of items to your cart before you complete your transaction. However, this will not be possible once an order number has been generated.

You can choose multiple items and add it to your cart before you check out of your cart and proceed for placing the order.

Can I change the Billing & Shipping Address of my account?

Yes, you can change both your Billing and Shipping Address for future orders. To change your Billing & Shipping Address, go to My Account then to Billing & Shipping Address, change your details/information and click on Save Details.

Why does my order not appear in ‘My Account’?

  • Because of the large number of connections to the website, it can sometimes take up to a couple of hours for your order to appear in the ‘My Account’ section. However this does not prevent you from contacting us regarding any questions you might have. Making sure to specify the sale name, order date and order ID.

 Ø      What type of delicious foods will you be selling?

  1. We mainly offer big name brands which are known and trusted and can be found (for higher prices!) in your local supermarket. Shoppers can expect everything from packaged foodslike pasta, snacks, sweets, namkeen , farsan and staples to household necessities such as cleaning products, soaps and detergents. There will also be personal hygiene products such as toothpaste and nappies, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, vitamins… you name it. As many as 200 products will be on offer, updated and refreshed each shopping day.

Ø      If I have a problem or a question how can I contact you guys? In this technological age, surely you have a phone number or similar?

  1. Well, obviously you can contact us on our customer care number given on the website. Even you can contact us at anytime by phone or by email. We have a dedicated customer service team who are sitting by their computers waiting to be emailed with customer enquiries, jokes and complaints, and they’re all excellent at their jobs. Of course, deep down they’re hoping they won’t have to hear from you, and it’s not because they’re lazy.

Ø      Q. So I can do my grocery shopping online, anytime?

  1. Yep! You can sit on your couch in your home at 2am and do your grocery shopping if you like. So, you can shop when it suits you. Great,  huh?